Olusegun Babatunde

Software Developer in Ottawa


Hello! I'm a passionate self-taught software developer with a relentless drive to learn, innovate & excel. My journey into the world of coding began out of pure curiosity and quickly evolved into a deep-rooted passion for technology and problem-solving.

Without a traditional background in computer science, I've explored the extensive landscape of programming through self-study, hands-on projects, and continuous learning. This unique path has not only sharpened my technical skills but also instilled a deep resilience and adaptability in me.

I'm curious, open-minded and simple.

I embrace my mistakes and learn from them. I keep away from preconceived notions and respect opposing views.

I often employ the simplest way or solution. I'm very well known as a minimalist, but I avoid labels. Though I am introverted, I love meeting people and exploring new places.

I am fascinated with all aspects of full stack development.