I'm Shegun Babs

a web & product developer



I'm a software & product developer/manager based in Lagos, Nigeria.

I have a passion for creating & buidling solutions for both web & mobile.

I have 5years+ of industry experience building solutions in different industries.

What I can do.
Design your Ideas.

From conception to design, my aim is to come up with a solution which solves the pre-conceived problem in a way that fulfil expectations and/or needs

Develop your Solution.

As a developer, I understand the requirements of your solution (be it a website, mobile app, web app) and have the required knowledge, experience & epertise to make it happen

I can help.
I'm available for freelance work.

If you have an idea that could do our world a benefit or a project or you wanna ask me a/some question, then get intouch