Work/project Journal

A log of present and past projects
Here is a list of past projects I have taken on either as a team member or as a solo developer.
I hope this list of project inspires you to take risks and work on those passionate project
Dev Purpose - 2020

Web Developer

Flutterwave PHP Package

Flutterwave v3 API PHP package

Under Development - 2021

Web Developer

DCC Audio Player/Streamer

Dedicated web audio player with user preferences, audio series search etc. Primarily for play contents of David's Christian Centre

PHP Laravel Inertia-js Vuejs Tailwindcss SPA
Actively Maintained - 2020

Web Developer

First E&P Website CMS

Custom CMS (content management system) used for overall website management for First E&P website (

PHP Laravel Livewire Tailwindcss JavaScript Vuejs
Actively Maintained -2020

Project Maintainer

Promptcash Loan Manager

Promptcash loan manager handles loan requests, (light) verification using third party sources, disbursements and repayments. Payment/Electronice transactions are done using the Flutterwave API.

PHP Laravel Livewire JavaScript Vuejs
Creator -2019

Freelance Developer

Megatex Paints Official Website

Official website of Megatex Paints

Tailwind Alpinejs Livewire Laravel
Status Unknown - 2019

Solutions Developer

Edocs Management System

Edocs is used to generate documents such memos, collateral-contracts, offer-letters etc. These documents are useful for processing loan requests.

PHP Laravel 5 MySQL
Status Unknown - 2016

VAS Developer/Specialist

Etisalat EasyBackup Web

EasyBackup web version where contacts, messages other backed up data from the EasyBackup mobile app can be viewed, updated or deleted.

PHP Laravel 4.12 JavaScript
Unmaintained - 2015

VAS Developer/Specialist

VAS Content Engine

The VAS Engine v1 manages subscriptions, (short-code) billing and content delivery by aggregating SMS messages from the SMS gateway into the application.

Kannel PHP Laravel 4.12 JavaScript Bash

Info. Sys Developer

Frontline Training Academy Website

I developed the official website for frontline training academy which showcase courses offered, available certification and path. Visitors could register and make payments online.

PHP5 Drupal 7 Drupal Themes Online Payment
Actively Maintained

Junior Developer

Cooperative Society Mgmt. portal

Used to manage financials and loans of a cooperative society. I was a member of a team of 5 developers who wrote the first version of the application.

PHP5 Drupal 7 Drupal Modules Drupal Themes
Actively Maintained - 2011

Junior Developer


Online educational portal used to automate administrative and academic related tasks for higher institutions. I was drafted on this project as a junior developer coming straight out of training.

PHP5 Drupal 7 Drupal Modules Drupal Themes JavaScript
unmaintained - 2008

Intern Developer

Ogun State Vehicle Registration Data v1

The purpose of this project was to convert old paper data into useful digital information for easy retrieval via search and adoption of the system for continuous use in favour of paper processes. I was the only Developer available to work with the Lead Developer and was responsible for the frontend design, User registration, data entry & search feature.

PHP5 Oracle9i JavaScript OOP